About MediumBank

Established in Zhangjiang Pharmaceutical Valley in 2019, Shanghai MediumBank Biotechnology Co., LTD. (referred to as "MediumBank Biotechnology" or "Medium Bank")is an international leading company focusing on the development and production of high-end Chemical Defined media (CD, Chemical Defined) products, optimized development of customized media (MOD, Medium Optimization & Development) services and large-scale dry powder/liquid Medium production (OEM) and other comprehensive solutions for biomedical processes. It aims to build a global high-end culture medium think tank.  

Currently, MediumBank has formed six cell culture media products and service platforms covering CHO cells, hybrid tumor/myeloma cells, HEK293 cells, insect cells, virus vaccine cells and T cells/stem cells, Most of the product performance and optimized development service performance have been better than the international top cell culture medium companies.A variety of products have been widely used in different stages of biological drug research and development, clinical application and commercial production by a number of domestic and foreign biomedical enterprises, customers cover monoclonal antibodies, fusion protein, animal or human vaccines, IVD and regenerative medicine and other biomedical enterprises.  

MediumBank, the culture Medium optimization and development expert by your side!  
MediumBank helps biomedical enterprises reduce cost and increase efficiency, benefiting millions of patients!  
In 2021, the MFG1 GMP standard phase I plant of Medium Bank was officially put into production. MFG2 Phase II mass production base construction continues to advance; In 2022, the plant passed ISO13485 quality system certification by zero defect, and completed the re-upgrade of production management and quality system. Dozens of biomedical enterprises have completed the on-site audit of Medium Bank biological production base.
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