Optimization and Development of Media

The company's product line covers CHO cell culture medium platform, HEK293 cell culture medium platform, virus vaccine cell culture medium platform, hybrid tumor/myeloma cell culture medium platform, insect cell culture medium platform and T cell/stem cell culture medium platform, and has more than 30 mature product formulas.  In view of the current hot domestic antibody development of bioanalogue antibody titer is low and charge isomer, isoelectric point, sugar type, glycosylation and other indicators are inconsistent with the original drug, our company can provide customers with solutions.  


MediumBank can provide you with:  

1. High-performance and diversified prototype culture medium formula library;  

2. A supernatant analysis platform with complete facilities;  

3. Rich experience in culture medium optimization and development;  

4. The platform is equipped with high-throughput screening equipment and DOE, MVDA and other high-performance analysis software.  


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