Custom Production of Dry Powder Medium

Custom production of culture medium  

As a professional culture medium development and production company, MediumBank biology undertakes custom business of dry powder and liquid culture medium for antibody, vaccine, insect cells and regenerative medicine.  


The company's culture medium customization has four advantages:  


1.1 Media raw materials can be traced  

The raw materials used in our company are all produced by international famous companies, and the raw material standards are in line with EP, USP, JP, etc main current standard, suitable for animal cell culture, Unanimalistic source, can provide a variety of testing reports and certification documents.  


1.2 Quality Management  

The company has a variety of "validity check" related management documents.  Guidelines for Good Manufacturing Practice for Active pharmaceutical Substances (ICH-Q7) as criteria to guide the production of medium.  Powder media’s raw materials are made from high quality and traceable materials.  Liquid media are manufactured in a dust-free room managed at GMP level.  


1.3 Scope of Supply  

The supply scope is domestic and foreign monoclonal antibodies, fusion proteins, animal and human vaccines and regenerative medicine, all involved in industrial customers and research institutes of animal cell culture medium.  


1.4 Domestic production  

Our company's culture media customization service is carried out by a team with professional experience. The commissioned production and manufacturing process are carried out according to customer requirements. From research and development, experimental production to industrial production, product managers will make detailed and thorough plans after consultation with customers, so that you can enjoy the "private customization" service.  


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